Anker Deals on Ali Express

If anyone didn’t know ali express has huge savings on 11.11 Anker will be offering many promos as well! Great chance to score some good deals

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Ehh, shipping times leave much to be desired.

Well yea your not going to get stuff fast on there, but if your not in a hurry to get your product can save you money

I’ve never ordered from anker on alibaba, so will see how that works out for shipping times

If you really want good deals with long shipping, just order from Wish. Customer service is miles better than Ali

But products purchased from there wouldn’t come with warranty, I assume. Since I don’t know where else Anker officially sells their products besides Walmart.

They would, anker sells on there

Yea ali customer service sucks… took forever to get a refund on something that was clearly never shipped to me had no tracking or anything… a lot of shady sellers on there, but you can get great deals

I’m looking at it

Interesting. Is it actually Anker doing the selling on Aliexpress? How much cheaper is Anker stuff there than on Amazon?

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Didn’t know, makes sense since Amazon isn’t available world wide.

Is there a large difference price wise?