Anker deals in Canada - Mars 2019

Hello fellow Canadians! The Amazon Gold Box has several Anker products discounted this right now! Chargers, earbuds, speakers, PowerCores, even the original Nebula Capsule! Check it out:

  • Soundcore Spirit, CAD$39,09 (30% off). That’s the best price on this device in Canada!

  • Nebula Capsule, the original, CAD$424,29 (23% off), and you can mark the cuppon to take an extra $40, bringing it down to the best price yet in Canada. If you get the Capsule and two Flares, you have yourself quite the on-the-go movie theater!

No word on how long those prices are valid, so act fast! Click the name of the product you want to go directly to the page.


Solar charger also on sale. I truly recommend.


I never seen this before, wonder how good it is


Awesome deals for our Canadian friends! The Flare is high on my wish list for this year.


Nice deals for the Canadians :+1:


Several reviews have been done but if you get direct sunlight it is almost as fast at charging as wall charger.

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Missed that one! Share the link on your post!

Thanks guys, nice to see some Canadian deals :grin:

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Great comparison of Anker vs Goal Zerofor Solar chargers. Guess who wins.

I took my entire phone, ipad, and earphone off grid last summer with this and a 20000 mAh powerbank. I added a Speed PD to the mix this year and plan tot ake my Asus Chromebook off the grid this summer as well. I’ll upodate you guys on how that goes :grin:


Nice deals!!!

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Thanks for the video and link :+1:

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