Anker Deals, 3-port adapter

Well, that took me a lot longer to write than it should have, but hey, it kinda looks cool.

Back Again:

I thought I would post this here because you guys are nice but honest and I need real feedback.

I am starting, trying to, my own business/website and I want to be able to provide people with the tools to

get the best savings as well as any Cash Back if possible. I have found several interesting apps/extensions

that really does work. I have tested them all and they all do exactly what they claim to.


How do I present this to people in a way that is inviting, rather than have it seem like I am trying to sell

them something?

I have only been successful if I am talking in person and showing others how it works, which for an online

business is not a very good way of doing it lol.

Just posting links is not enough to show off the full capabilities of these extensions.

If anyone has any ideas or would like to help me in this endeavor PM me!

Even though the 3 port adapter is in the PowerDraw this week, it is also on sale

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Hi @SlyBandit247

The links for the below don’t work, can you please address it! Would love to see the deal :slight_smile:

As @Shenoy has mentioned @SlyBandit247 your last three links are non-functional…looks like your missing a small bit a code :slight_smile:

As per the boys above @SlyBandit247

My Site-----Jabra Deal------------------flare deal--------Liberty Air-----------------NewEgg Spring Sales

Yup got lazy

BTW That code isn’t missing anything. I just typed up a new version and pasted in here and it looks fine in the Preview, but not when it gets posted

I would check again, modified your first non working link…which is now working :wink:

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Meh it’s pointless now. I know I know how to do it lol. Thanks to whom ever visited my site from the UK! My app tells me ip locations.

@SlyBandit247 If there are deals, will request you to simply post those directly here… instead of posting / pointing to yet another forum, in this case points to your forum :slight_smile:

Just a heads-up, may lead to being marked as spam

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Clicking on the links doesn’t work yet

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Yes, that’s a lovely idea. I wasn’t sure which option the community would prefer, but I can see how the spam thing may happen, and suck, thanks. I’ll load everything here from now on.

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Thank you, Look forward to deals posted by you @SlyBandit247 :+1:

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This is straight evil, get an email from Anker,

O YAY!! NEW Product/s…"clicks link and…well you can see…I am sure most if not all of you got the same email so you know about the charging products deals that started today, at least in the US, SRY everyone else I can only see what I can see (guessing and putting /UK, AU etc isn’t going to return reliable results) Anyway if you didn’t get the email Anker is having a live stream on Amazon that started, in my time zone, 19 mins ago. Cheers!