Anker deal not fulfilled

hi @AnkerOfficial little disappointed this morning to see you were not fulfilling my super double discount on Amazon on for the Anker USB Plug Charger

Reduced down to £3.99 - i thought i had found a real bargain! :unamused: :rofl:

That would have been a great deal, but price mistakes do happen. If you’ve ever seen the admin-side of an Amazon product listing, you would probably agree that it’s really easy to make a typo. :grimacing: :rofl:

… to be fair it wasn’t a pricing mistake, they reduced the price so they could sell it as “reduced” … but forgot to take off the voucher they previously had for £10 off ( which technically means the now cheaper price wasn’t actually any cheaper than it was before ) I kinda feel if your going to play games like that and you get caught out the least you could do in honour your loyal subjects with a bargain :sweat_smile:

If $100 fell accidentally from your wallet, and you saw someone else picked it up, should you ask for it back or figure its your mistake and their right to keep it?

@professor your analogy is flawed I feel but your entitled to your opinion, if someone said you can have this $100 then said you couldn’t they made a mistake i feel your entitled to tell them you wanted the $100’s - their entitled to change their mind, but i think your allowed to feel let down that they said it was a mistake

There are SO MANY mistakes showing up at amazon.
It’s not ANKER, its amazon.
There will be more offers in the future.

MUCH more severe problems in our days.

Stay cool and healthy!

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@Chiquinho so right! - hope everyone is staying safe and virus free!

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