Anker Dashcam a1

I have just bought the A1 Dashcam primarily because of the heat tolerance because my car sits in the sun a lot!

It arrived today and setup was easy.

So, to my questions;

  1. I have a dash cover in my Honda CR-V because of the heat so I am unable to attach my cam to the dash. Suction does not work in the heat in the summer. I have sun film on my windows so I am a little reluctant to attach the sticky pad to it though if I have to I will attach it with the sticky pads that don’t leave a mark that hangs pictures. Ideally I would like a rear view mirror hanger, do you have one I can purchase?

  2. This far I am having to reconnect to Wi-Fi on the cam every time I open the app to view the files is this normal?

Try this from amazon, I can’t remember if someone previously posted this mirror mount in this forum or another. This should work for the A1.
I use it with a Roav C2 Pro that I sometimes swap from my wife’s car to my car. Pic below from my car

Oh and my wife’s car is a 2008 CRV and it fits her mirror.