Anker Cords

I would say that the best cords I’ve used are the ones from Anker, they have never broken, they are inexpensive, yet strong and long lasting, they are the only technology accessories company I would recommend.


Finding Anker cables years ago was the best thing ever for me.

Many times I’ve referred to them as “the undisputed king of cables”

My oldest lightning cable is well over two years old and it’s still going strong!

I mainly use Anker cables. Only reason I still use the included Apple cables that comes with my iDevices is because it was included. But Anker cables are the ones to beat. I’ve purchased them as gifts throughout the years. I haven’t had to replace ANY of my Anker cables. Love love Anker cables. :slight_smile:

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And don’t forget some come with a lifetime warranty - as far as I’m aware no other company offers that with their cables.

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I don’t get how you get these bags with your cable. I have bought 4 cables and never got a bad

The cases come with certain cables, of 4 I have ordered a have come with cases. 1 of them didn’t have a case though

I love Anker cables for their durability and warranty. I did have to have 2 cables replaced under warranty though, but it was replaced without hassle


I also have the nylon cables and it’s the best!

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I think it’s the power line+ 3ft and 6ft that have the pouch. I wish all of them had it but some people don’t like it. I think it is a quality pouch to organize my cables.

agreed to the fullest

Honestly any kind of case/bag that help me organize my cables is very much appreciated. I hate untangling cables when I need to use them. I have a laptop bag where I put my laptop charger, phone charger, and wired headphones to use with my laptop. I put in extra effort to sort them out properly so when I do have to use them, it’s just removing them and using instead of all the hassle to untangle them

For those looking for a way to organize their cables, I’ve purchased these. Great for carrying in your backpack or leaving in the car.


They do come in bigger sizes.

BUBM Cable Bag/Organizer

It would be awesome if Anker made something like these too. :slight_smile:

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Looks like my wive’s “yarn collection” in her sewing box! :joy:

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You can always buy a grid it as well they work pretty nicely

In cable quality, you must not save money. If you think you save, you pay double. Because in short time poor cables will be broken.

I made this experience in earlier days, when I played music on stage. What a mess when during a gig a cable breaks down.

So buying Anker cables is a good choice.

Not only that, but cheap cables can actually damage a phone’s battery faster overtime than using a decent cable so it doesn’t hold as much of a charge

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