Anker Compact Car Jump Starter

My brother has a crappy car and his birthday is coming up so was wondering if anyone has used the car jump starter. It is decently priced and just seems like something cool and convenient to keep in trunk in case of emergencies. Here is the link to it on amazon incase anyone else is interested.

A new one is coming soon, so I would hold off!

I have used it, and it saved my butt after a concert! While we waited for the crowded parking lot to clear out, we listened to the radio in my car (without the engine running, oops!). When it was finally time for our parking row to go, my car wouldn’t start. :grimacing:
However, I grabbed this out of my trunk and it started up my car in no time! Thank goodness, too, as I think the line of cars waiting behind me would have rioted.

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Good to know thank you!

I think it’s supposed to come later this month, but not sure…

@AnkerOfficial this was announced at CES. Do you have any updates for us as to when we should expect it? Thanks!

Was looking at this as well but can only find used ones…Any new updates on this. Can’t seem to find one of these anywhere on the product page.

Anker has released it, keep checking amazon as anker direct may just be out of stock at the time


Yeah, I think @AnkerOfficial hinted at more stock and possibly even a price drop next month.