Anker Community Tapatalk Support

Hi, nice to meet you guys!

Sorry if I’m posting this thread in the wrong section, but I just want to suggest you to create a mobile app for this beautiful community, or support Tapatalk (even better).

I’m in love with Anker’s products, I would always be on this forum trying to help other people or asking them some questions.

I usually review a lot of Anker products on my channel, and every single one of them catched me.

Hope to stay even closer to the brand.


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Yup this has been discussed numerous times before. I even messaged @AnkerOfficial about utilizing all it requires is their plug in to run and enable support. But I never heard back from them on it

Thank you for your support for Anker community. We will take your suggestion into consideration, and make some adjustments in the future accordingly.


This is good to hear, hopefully they can make it happen as it will allow a much better experience when on mobile devices. Notifications would also be easier to keep track of as well.

Awesome! We will wait for some good news.


This would be interesting, will keep an eye out.

i have the soundcore app on my phone. i didn’t need to create a user id and password. but when i am taken outside of the app to join in the community things, i am asked to fill in my credentials. if i try to use my email, and make a password, i am told there is already an account under that address. if i try to enter using the sign in using google i get an error message.
error 403: disallowed_useragent