Anker Community Profile - Hidden / Open-Public Profile for Auction Events!

With Anker Auction events, lot of members have raised questions on Open (Public) Vs Closed (hidden) profiles, mostly since PowerBucks are the important for Auction bidding.

There are Pros & Cons with either of them…

Hidden Profile keeps the Mystery / Unknown factor in the Auction event, lot of last minute surprises… at the same time, there is a negative that memers may over-bid (bid more than the PowerBucks they own)

So … having a Community Poll for this, to get a feel of what the members like, so please vote!

  • I like to keep my profile hidden… its fun!
  • I like to keep my profile public… simple!

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To me, it’s not about the fun factor, but be fair to play the game.

It doesn’t matter if the other bidder know your wealth or not, he has to continue bid until you run out of bucks anyways.
So, why hiding makes sense then?


A while ago there were pros to hidden profiles due to privacy (think it was over a DOB issue or something), once that was fixed the privacy thing became kinda a moot point seeming as everyone either posts a link to there social media or gives growing fragments of their life story here…just my two pence…

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I’m fine with people not disclosing how many PowerBucks they have. Over-bidding isn’t allowed anyway, so what’s the big deal?


I’m going to put it very simply and bluntly. Having your profile hidden for auctions is very suspicious.

@Insider there is a rule against bidding higher then the amount of powerbucks that you have, so I think that’s a good enough reason not to do it.

I think a new rule should be added that you must have your profile visible in order to enter an auction. It’s the only way that the rules can be enforced


When you bid at a car auction or for something on eBay you’re not required to announce your top bid or your bank balance before you start, I don’t see why this should be any different.
I show mine, but don’t have anything against anyone that chooses to keep their profile hidden.
And let’s not forget, this is a choice about hiding your profile.

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@Ice1 great question…

No offence … but why are you hiding your profile now?

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Getting all points in context, and earlier response from Ankerofficial which makes a lot of sense!


So let us see if Ankerofficial adds such a rule… will make the auction event, will only make it less fun!

New @AnkerOfficial = new opinion?

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that’s a good point! @TechMan

@AnkerOfficial what is your opinion for this community poll?

I’m waiting for you to ask that question :grinning:

That’s when I did it and no reason for revealing it unless I’m participating in Auction :wink:
On the side note, I was not sure whethere my profile was hidden or not, thought of asking someone here, but thanks for the screenshot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well, will you be un-hiding it?

If you do not have the bucks to bid, it only matters if you win and then it is checked to see if you have them.

So someone fake over-bidding just drives the auction up in bucks costs so the winner then has less bucks remaining.

So hiding profile, over-bidding makes you more likely to win the next one as you drained your opposition of their bucks.

I think as bucks is part of the game, bucks are not allowed to be hidden.


I do recommend people open their profile for auction events as well. :wink: As @professor has mentioned, it will make the game more fair.
But I do see the votes are 50-50 up there, so to respect everyone’s right to open/hide their profile, how is setting a “punishment” rule for whoever overbids, like forbidding over-bidding people to participate in next 1-2 auctions?

In this way the problem @professor mentioned can get resolved, and everyone may follow basic rule to bid within their bucks budget and enjoy the game at the same time?
How do you guys think? Just a suggestion. :wink:

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I think your idea is good in theory. The issue is that people aren’t perfect, and many people are morally flawed.

We see level 1 and level 2 people come on all the time and bid higher then their amount of bucks… if they hid there accounts, we couldn’t prove it.

Of course, whatever you decide is fine, as you are in charge. It’s always fun no matter what :grin:

You are right :+1: this rule may not affect new participators that much.

@AnkerOfficial Thank you for the response, perfectly answered, responding over a fine-line of questions and arguments!

I like the idea of penalty, that is what I have been asking all the time… believe only @AnkerOfficial can check and monitor the members Powerbucks (i really hope it stays that way) and if anyone overbids, they are disqualified from the Auction event and the bids they places are null / void and more penalty as Ankerofficial decides best!

@AnkerOfficial seeing as how only a handful of members have responded to this poll, I say ots too early to draw a conclusion on which way you go. Personally I say everyone should have their powerbucks shown as it let’s everyone determine if they want to bid and have a chance or not. As we have seen in the past auctions many people overinflate the bid just to force the winner to lose more powerbucks, but this can be avoided by seeing what users have and also restricting them from bidding more than they have. Those who artificially inflate the bid, they can be sidelined from entering the auction or any contest that is in the works for a month.


Certainly too early to draw a conclusion.
I’ll talk to our team and see what other ideas they may be able to come up with. :wink: Meanwhile, you guys can make some suggestions as well :+1:

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Won’t work as people just have different multiple accounts, over-bid on a “burner” account. You can only stop over-bidding by not making just free text and manual selection of winner.

Personally I would just remove the ability to hide bucks altogether. I also don’t see why someone would both bother to fill their profile, and then also hide it.

I also think it’s just a bit of fun and so fair play should be enough.

Agree. Occam’s razor.

Indeed, just bad sport but it happens.