Anker Community Conference

@ankerofficial and @ankertechnical - Have you ever thought of hosting a conference for the members of the community? People could submit session proposals and give short talks about how they use Anker products, what they’d like to see in the future, and share their gear setups with each other. Anker could shoot some promotional interviews with users, take some pictures of the event, and brainstorm marketing strategies with its most active community members in person. I know I would like to meet many of the people in this community, thank them for their advice, and share some of my own. I think many others feel the same way. Of course, we are all over the world, and there are other logistical concerns, but it’s worth thinking about.

Would anyone else attend such an event?


I saw this and got excited thinking it was a real deal conference. …but alas it was just a question.
But if Anker ever did this I would love to try and make it. Being able to greet and meet fellow enthusiasts and the staff of Anker would be awesome


It probably would have to be regional conferences. I don’t see many participants spending $500-$2000 on travel expenses just to get to the conference. I think the right plan to start things off is for Anker to attend tech conferences and host a few sessions for Anker fans. Active community members get free conference entry fees plus swags? :smiley:

Ha! Sorry to get your hopes up, @elmo41683

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I see the challenge here is going to be the inherent tension between customers wanting to know future products and Anker not wanting to say too much as that helps their competitors. For example - “how much will it cost for that future Powerport 4 PD product?”.

Therefore the discussions would be about current shipping, recently announced products. For that we already have the power user program to seed new products for reviews and reviews can be here or youtube.

Given then you can access the knowledge from your phone, why would you travel?


Why not have a video conference? :grin:


Anker used to do Periscope when they had Lawrence Smyth with them who worked for Edo who still is at Anker.

What they did was live video from Anker, with chat Q&A.


I work with a lot of people virtually - discussion boards, videoconference, etc. I’m always surprised by how much gets done in the margins of a physical meeting. For example, sessions and presentation are great, but the most useful conversations I find happen over dinner or randomly in the hallway. I don’t know why, it just seems that way to me. something about seeing people and talking in real life.

That’s a good idea - smaller, more easily accessible meetings. I know a lot of us are based in the PNW and Western Canada (Alberta & BC), for instance.

I like the idea of it but I think this wouldn’t be possible. Maybe they should combine it with some conferences like CES, MWC, IFA

What they should do is just the video conference, this way everyone in the board can sign in and offer up what they would like to discuss. Brainstorm and feed off if each other’s ideas to create even better ideas. I know it’s not the same as in person but given everyone’s demographics it would be hard to get most people together. Time zones are the biggest factor

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What about the inherent conflict between commercial in confidence vs public forum. By nature if we brainstorm then Anker would not say “yes we’ll do it” or “by XX data” or “at YY price”. Hence we’d be eliminated into talking what we do in the past and present.

I’m talking just brainstorming ideas for things people want to see and possibly come to frutation. Nothing is set in stone nor is anyone agreeing to make such products that come from these ideas. It’s just food for thought for then to see where and what consumers want.

Where do I buy my ticket?

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This is definitely a good idea and I thought it before!

If we have enough online active users, this meeting proposal will be easier to pass, and we can also apply for more funds to do this event or making an community app you want.

So I sincerely hope this community can grow up quickly.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Given this community is self-selecting to be an online forum, I’d say the easiest next step would be a AMA “ask me anything” live webcast. On the Anker side some product managers and a debate allowed “open mic”.

I did watch the Periscope efforts and I did observe inappropriate language used in the chat, so some filtering with heavy moderation would be required. I’d happily volunteer to be a moderator in such an event.