Anker Classic Bluetooth Speaker


I’ve a Classic Bluetooth Speaker and never had an issue with it. However its not charging anymore it display the red led for a minute or two and the turn off.

I don’t know whats going on. Any ideas?

Thanks for your help. I Will love to use it again.


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Sorry to hear your Bluetooth speaker is not charging. Here are some things to try:

  • Try another charging cable
  • Try another USB port or USB charger
  • Leave the speaker on the charger for an hour to see if it changes (if the battery is completely discharged, it may take 30 minutes or so to begin working again)

If you’re still under the 18-month warranty, be sure to contact Anker support. You can email or call them at (800) 988-7973. If you purchased your Anker product from Amazon, please have your Amazon order number handy when you contact support (


I bought my speaker on Oct 22 2015.

I live in Monterrey Mexico

I’m looking for options, do you think this might be with the Bluetooth connection?

I just don’t know what to do. Just looking for options and trying to make it work.

The bluetooth connection should have no bearing on the devices ability to charge. As previously mentioned by TechnicallyWell, you would be best trying another cable and/or wall socket to eliminate charging issues first. If you are still having issues, as you only purchased in Oct 2015 you should still be covered by your warranty, so you can drop an email to resolve or claim a replacement.

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Hello Jesus,

I have the same problem with this speaker. I bought it at Amazon Spain in September 2015.
I think the problem isn’t it cannot charge, it displays the red led for a minute and then go turn off because it is full charged. If the problem were the charging, it’d continue play with aux port anytime.

Any other idea?
Thanks for you help.

David B.

My anker a7908 won’t turn on. It was working fine then I charged it and now it will not turn on. Help please.

Sorry to hear that. Would you mind contacting directly? I’m sure our great customer service will help you out. :relaxed:

I see that others have had the problem I’m having. I’ll contact support.


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I’m having the exact same problem. Speaker stopped working all sudden. It won’t turn on if unplugged. It also makes now a white noise when playing. Any way to reset it?