Anker Charging Station (what have you done with yours?)

Did anyone get the Anker Charging Station?

I was drooling over this product back in the day. Couldn’t wait to have it. We had an iPad 2, a couple of iPhones. A saw images of a tidy charging station in my head and online. Images like this made think I could just drop my device on top of the charger and it would look sweet.

In reality, it was just a cable hanging out of the base. When you picked up your phone/tablet 2 foot of cable came out with it and then you had to tuck it all back in. Drove me mad.

Then the kids had iPads and I bought protective cases because they were toddlers. These didn’t sit nice so they were charging on the floor with cables hanging out and it looked more like this :pensive:

So, did you get one? What have you done with it? I want to use mine without it driving me crazy :relaxed:


Didn’t know this product even existed. I’d rather use my Anker wall charger with 5 USB ports. I think it takes less space.

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Yes. It does take less space and there is a 5 port inside this box. It was more to have a nice tidy solution. All wires hidden

Never knew one had been made, although it does look a bit cumbersome so I can see why it was phased out. It’s reminding me of an iPad trolley we once had onsite, cable never stayed where they were supposed to…

I hope I’m not the only one who didn’t waste £50 on this lol
Although we are still using the powerport. Almost 3 years old now. #Retro


I had one way back then, ended up smashing it with a sledge hammer…that thing drove me mad.
It was great to charge all our phones and tablets but it would always turn off when one device was fully charged and the rest would never fully charge

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Awwwww I never had that problem. Sounds like a faulty powerport. I just couldn’t cope with the messy cables hanging out everywhere. Probably more because the kids were smaller and couldn’t cope with my OCD :joy: and just left everything hanging out haha

I didn’t even know that Anker had one of these. I’ve actually converted a bin to become a charging station for the hubby, using the Anker 5 Port Desktop Charger. This allows him to set his devices on the container while it’s charging. Easier cable management for him because he drives me nuts with all his loose cables everywhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice, haven’t seen this before, is it available in the UK?

Was going to make one from Lego when I clear our loft (attic)

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Now that is a good idea. Would look a lot cooler :sunglasses:

No, it’s not available anymore. The key issue was having the cables stay in place so you could drop the device(s) on top of it but if you use Lego and make a few pieces to hold the cable in the right position, you could move these about as you need to. :thumbsup:

thanks Oggyboy

Lego it is then :wink:

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Pretty good idea !

I’m tempted to make one myself haha. For the kids iPads at least :grinning:

I’ve made a new Man Drawer and moved my Charging Station in to it but I can’t stand anything up and close the drawer so it’s basically a plinth now for my PowerCore’s to charge lol

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By the look of things, you need a couple more cables, power banks, and wall chargers :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Hahaha I definitely need more lightning cables. Some 1ft ones would be better haha

I’ve got another 5 port stuck to the back of that unit :relaxed:

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@Oggyboy Still not enough cables and power banks/wall chargers. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, you are right @Nhi. I need some slims, some PD’s and lots of cables lol