Anker charger reaches upclass praise!

I bumped into this article/review from the New York Magazine today: Anker PowerWave Wireless Charger David Pogue Review 2019 | The Strategist

It has quite a strong title:

I Hated All Wireless Chargers Until I Found Anker’s Fast-Charging Stand

The review is based on a middle-range model, which doesn’t comes with the power brick, but it’s interesting to notice how the form-factor was a game-changer for that particular journalist. Interestintly enough, I’ve been considering the same model for my work office!

If you have a Qi-enabled phone and haven’t jumped on the wireless charging yet, I’ll tell you this: just do it. Some people might tell you it’s better to have a 6-foot long cable so you can actually use the phone while it’s charging, but unless you absolutely need your phone in your hands at all times, a wireless charger in your table is the way to go. You can quickly take it off the charger to answer a message or check something, and put it back to resume charging. I have a pad at my bedside table and love it - unlike the author, I don’t have the need to see the screen while I’m lying in bed. But the stand seems to me to be perfect on an office table, so you can see notifications coming through and decide weather to pick the phone up or not.


Interesting read to say the least… the parts about charging speed and wattage and all that aren’t correct…

I have the 7.5w stand and I love It! It’s a great addition to my “anker family”!

Next on my wishlist are

  1. Some pair of over ear headphones (may wait for the pair anker is designing though)
  2. Nebula prism (or any projector really).
  3. Eufy genie
  4. Eufy smart light switch
  5. Eufy smart plugs

The first two are the ones I really want :grin:

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Really like the Anker Wireless Chargers the most, have the PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand, PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad and the latest PowerWave+ Pad with Apple watch Holder. Use these on daily basis at home / work.

Has greatly reduced the cables at home, have a bin of cables for friends & family to use :sunglasses:

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I agree with you, ever since I bought the pad, everything’s so easy at night and in the morning

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