Anker charger pad

I just bought an Anker charging pad A2503. Right away it says; “Do not connect the wireless charger to a 5V/1A Wall charger. My iPhone Xr came with this for a charger.
Is it safe to use this new wireless charger?

You’ll need to plug the wireless pad into a wall charger that is QuickCharge 2.0/3.0 compatible. I’d recommend picking up this one:

**what you suggested does not work with iPhone XR. It says so right on it. **

What you suggested doesn’t work with the iPhone Xr. It says what is comparable and the Xr isn’t

Where does it say it will not work with iPhone XR? Plus, you’re trying to find one that works with the wireless charger, not your iPhone!

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I don’t want an adapter that will blow out my iPhone. The one you suggested works with several phones. But not the iPhone. I read it.

Will this Anker work with my 5W standard iPhone adapter. It does charge it. I’m wondering if it will do any harm

No, using a 5W adapter is not a good idea. It is not safe or reliable.

The charger @Mark_Dunsmore linked to, on the other hand, will be safe and reliable - with your iPhone!

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The same is true for most, if not all, other wireless chargers.

With all of this being said, while a charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge is ideal, you may also use a charger like this (and only use one port). Your iPhone will charge at 5W instead of 7.5W, though.


These are the devices that are compatible with this particular Anker charger. I’ve used it with Anker’s PowerWave 7.5 wireless pad, as well as plugging my iPhone 8 Plus, multiple power banks and headphones in to it directly with no issues at all. Using the charger I linked above with the wireless pad you mentioned will safely charge your iPhone XR wirelessly. You could also use it with a lightning cable to charge your phone much faster than the Apple charger will.

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It’s safe, but my god it’ll be slow, maybe so slow it won’t actually charge in under a day!

This is why Anker doesn’t recommend it. If your paying for fast charge wireless pad, you’d want it to fast charge. However, using such a tiny charger, won’t work.

Wireless pads/stands are slower than a wired connection, it’s just a fact! So you need something fairly beefy to keep it fast charging (just not quite as fast as wired).

The weedy charger you get from apple, is “enough” to charge it overnight, but no quicker! To charge quicker you need more power, but obvs this has its limits. If you just shoved lots of power at a battery, it will pop or explode or set on fire. So engineers place software restrictions.

Some newer phone n brand new phones charge quicker under certain conditions, a mix of power n software (usually referred to qualcom pier delivery, or quick charge).

Some manufacturers, restrict you to certain proprietary chargers n wires … for them!

Check your manual to see if your handset can quick charge, and what it will accept., Then get bits to do it… A big brick (wall charger) a decent cable, and maybe wireless pad/stand… Imagine, no fiddling for the wire now under the table, and just plonk your phone down, and it charges, and obvs you can just grab it n go (rather than pull wire and hope it doesn’t fall under the table again).

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Mark. Thank you. Just one more question. Will my new Anker, A2503 still work if I use my iPhone adapter. The 5W that comes with iPhones? I’m not concerned how quickly it charges. Will it harm it in anyway. I also have a 10 W iPad charger. Thx

I’m going to say no, it will not work considering that Anker put this note on the product page for that particular wireless pad:

Mark. I just ordered the one adapter you suggested. Thank uou‼️

You’re welcome!

Great answer :clap: