Anker Car Charger, 30W Dual USB Adapter PowerDrive Speed 2 with PowerIQ 2.0 is not fast charging

I just received my new Anker Car Charger, 30W Dual USB Adapter PowerDrive Speed 2 with PowerIQ 2.0. I use it with my Samsung Galaxy S9+ but it wont fast charge. Why is my Anker not fast charging?

Hi @Daniell_Marcussen,
Thank you to let me know your concerns, please contact, we will send a replacement to you as soon as possible.

Have you tried using a different cable? Also check and make sure you have fast charge enabled on your phone

I have fast charging enabled on my phone and I tried 2 different cables (including my original Samsung cable). Both these cables work fine with my other car charger (also fast charging).

Today I bought a Anker Powerline cable and I just tried it, but it didn’t make any difference. Still only slow charging. I live in Denmark, so I would like to know if PowerIQ 2.0 works with Exynos?

Can you link the charger you bought? I wanna see the specs

I just got a mail from Anker saying that my Samsung Galaxy S9 is not supported by this charger. But their own description specifically mention the S9, which is the reason why I bought it.

@Daniell_Marcussen Thats a lie, i have this exact charger and it has always fast charged my galaxy s9+…but then again mine has the Qualcomm chip and not the Exynos so that could be why

I don’t lie. Fast charging is not working on my phone with this charger. Could be a Qualcomm Exynos problem.

This is what Anker wrote to me:

“We sincerely apologize for the trouble that the PowerDrive Speed 2 Car Charger has caused. In this case, so sorry to inform that this charger does not support to quick charge Samsung S9+ due to the chipset in the car charger.”

On their homepage they specifically mention the S9 as supported, so I’m really disappointed. I had to import it from GB to Denmark and returning it is too complicated - so now it will end up in my trash can and I’m not going to buy a product from Anker again.

@Daniell_Marcussen my apologies, i didnt mean you lie but rather them saying it doesn’t fast charge the s9 as i inow it does. But again it could be because of the Qualcomm and exynos chips using different charging standards and their power iq is based off Qualcomms quick charge tech which obviously the Exynos doesnt have