Anker can recal your powerbucks!

So i want to thank anker once again for letting me keep my three hundred powebucks because i entered the wrong power draw
This gives us forum users a piece of mind if we ever enter to wrong anker drawing
thought id share it with u guys :smile:


Thanks for sharing your experience. Anker teams are pretty accommodating and supportive.

Does it mean, you entered a draw not meant for your country ( guess you are from UK) and Anker gave back your PBs?

yes i was very impressed got really worried that i wouldnt get them back

We don’t encourage people to participant in a wrong anker drawing… Otherwise our technicians will get mad…joy:


Was a mistake - people make mistakes :joy:

In other words … @AnkerOfficial was happy to help THIS time, but please don’t make a habit of it

Anker can be quite helpful in GENUINE cases, but don’t use this as an excuse to “deliberately” go for wrong draws thinking if I don’t win, Anker will refund it.


I know I was very greatfull

Thanks for sharing, thanks to @AnkerOfficial

Hopefully @Alex_Honnor notified Anker before the drawing. Otherwise this would be a crazy exception.

It was this weeks

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Exactly, so all good. Thanks @AnkerOfficial for being so understanding :slight_smile:

this is nice to know

Love seeing the green charging symbol filling up my anker page :star_struck::star_struck: