Anker Bucks & Speculations

Just wondering… are the Anker Bucks from the original forums going to be credited back to use long-time Anker power users?


Also curious

They said they would be, I had a similar number as you Tommcd24, as I remember

Hope they do!!

I hope they do too!

Fingers crossed as they just disappeared. If I had known I would have used them.

When the new Anker Bucks launch, your account will be credited with your old Anker Bucks. However, I don’t know when or the exact details of the transition.


I’m sorry, kinda new here. What will the Anker Bucks be used for?

They said they would transfer but mine did not :frowning:

That would be great. I was a very studious earner!

I noticed that I have anker bucks as well. Underneath it says “coming soon”

I had an email response from Rosa also, saying that the old Anker Bucks would definitely be added to our accounts, but the exact date was unknown.

Good question