Anker Braided Nylon cables and their serial numbers

Just wondering how those who own any of Anker’s cables that have the braided nylon outer jacket are handling the stuck-on serial number tag? Anker cables without the stuck-on serial number tag (those that do not have the braided nylon outer jacket) have the serial number printed on the cable itself, opposite the USB-A connector end.

The same goes for most of Anker’s headphones as well…the serial number tag is stuck on to the cabling.

In my opinion, this stuck-on tag is very prone to damage by simple use and otherwise. I personally cut off the tag and store it with the item’s packaging since it’s supposedly required when making a warranty claim.

Thoughts on what others are doing in this regard?..:thinking:

@Arwen mentioned in the past that she would take a picture of the serial number, and since she said that I too have started to do the same. This way I k ow what’s what and dont get them mixed up. Because to be honest, when you have so many items sometimes keeping the packaging isn’t feasible and I would hate to get rid of the serial number if it’s in the box too

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Agreed, lots of items. My packaging is discarded eventually but before doing so, I always go through it since if I’ve saved it for some reason, I know there’s likely something inside that maybe needs to be saved as well.

Good idea @Arwen & @elmo41683

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I do you same thing you do meaning cut the tag and keep
it with the packaging. I’ve also taken pics in the past but I think those are hard to keep track of.

@elmo41683 you mean the wife got tired of looking at all your Anker boxes and accused you of being a hoarder😂 thats too bad I was going to start another Anker box collection thread probably at the end of the year.

Nah I have all the boxes still, just a handful got crushed but I still have them. I put them all I to a bigger box.

I agree that serial on tag is a bad idea. It interferes with the usage of headphone (constantly irritating on neck). It should be engraved on the product itself. Even cutting them has risk of damaging the cable.
i’m taking pictures and toss the boxes.

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I don’t understand it. Spending so much time on the looks and then use an ugly tag.


Good to hear. Same here but I one big box quickly turned into 3. Pretty proud of my Anker collection so far.

Probably keeps costs down but I would like them to engrave the number on the products as well.

My big box is the one my Kayak came in, so I’m good for a while. Lol

I’m a total nerd: I have a home inventory app that I store all of my serial numbers in. :smile:

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And likely a member of AA.
Anomynous Ankerolics :stuck_out_tongue:

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I keep the boxes until the warranty is up. Sometimes they are flatten or they are tossed in my office closest. As for the serial tags they get ripped off or removed and lost. I honestly don’t care what happens to them.

Recently I had a braided lightning cable (about 14 months old) that fraying at the USB-A end. I took a couple of pictures of the failure, a screen shot of the Amazon order and support sent me a new out, no questions asked

Another option I’m considering is cutting out the important info off the boxes and sticking the serial number off it and taken a pic on my phone of the product. Then keep the cuts outs in an old show box.