Anker Bolder LC90 | The Review Of Champions

Today I will be reviewing the Anker Bolder LC90.

When I first opened this flashlight I was amazed at how sturdy it felt. It’s all metal except for the rubber button cap on the back, and the lense on the front.

The strap that’s included (and I hate saying this about an anker product) is complete trash. It broke after just moments of use. I really wish they would have made the string part more sturdy.

One nice plus to this flashlight is that it is rechargeable. The 3350mAh battery charges via micro-USB. On the end, a cap comes off. Underneath that there is a micro-USB port. The port can be taken off by unscrewing another lid, so that the battery is removable.

This has five different settings. High, medium, low, strobe, and SOS. You switch between them by Turning off the current setting, and immediately pressing the power button again. One downside is it always stays on the setting that was last used. While some may like this, I would prefer if it reset to the high setting after 5 seconds of being off.

This method of switching settings takes a few minutes to get used to, but now that I have it down it’s fairly easy. I wish that instead of using the power button to change settings, it had a different button on the side to do so, since I will hardly ever use a setting other than high.

Since we’re right in the middle, I want to do a test to see who actually read these reviews, and who just looks at the pictures. If you read this, start any reply with a greeting, like “hi”, “hello”, greetings” etc.

That being said, high is very bright. I don’t really have a good way of telling you how bright this flashlight is. Picture and videos don’t do it justice. You will just have to take my word on this one, that the brightness is far beyond sufficient.

Let’s try to compare to the flashlight on my iPhone. The brightest setting on my iPhone XR’s flashlight is about 1/5 (or less) then the lowest setting on the LC90. The high setting is 3x (+) brighter than the Low setting.

I have an area in my yard that is aroun 1/2 and acre. This flashlight can illuminate the whole thing. Since it also has an awesome zoom, I can focus in on any spot in the yard.

I can shine the flashlight in trees that are 200 yards away, and be able to sufficiently light that area of the tree.


~cheap wrist strap
~mode switch could be better
~USB-C would be nice

~well made
~very bright
~battery lasts a long time
~charges quickly

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions!

Btw, Incase anyone is wondering. I chose the name because I wanted it to be different than just “LC90 review”. I decided to make it interesting :grin:


The strap!
But if all other things are fine, dont mind.
Can be replaced easily.

Not all customers over the world have the possibility to use this way of charging. :wink:

Other ways : All is fine with your review of course, Andrew!


This is true. But over time all Micro-USB ports will be changed to USB-C ports…

Nice review and photos :smiley: you didnt include photos of how bright the light is on Flashlight :sunglasses:

@cshenoy this is why I didn’t show them. It didn’t really show anything. On camera you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between that flashlight, and my phones flashlight…

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You can try to do this below

bright, brighter …

As per your request, I attempted to take pictures like that. Sadly, one camera you can’t tell the difference between the settings whatsoever. If I think of a way to display the brightness levels I will update this later. Sorry

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nice review. I use to have one of their smaller lights. Someone stole it on one of my camping trips. That old light was great I used it all the time and it was a great little to use for night photography.

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thank you @Anjou1888

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Nice review. I think having Micro USB is an alright charging method. I would however prefer USB C because it avoids having to carry extra cables around. Last thing, I’m really surprised with the strap lol. Wasn’t expecting something like that

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Very nice review: useful information, and also useful pictures.
Standard USB (micro) would be sufficient for me …

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Hello, nice review, good pictures. USB-C its a overkill for this item.

What do you mean? Everything should be charged using USB-C…

Love mine. I have this version and the LC40. A holster would be nice as this isn’t a straight and narrow flashlight. I know there is one with the built in clip, but it would block my KEYSMART.



Nice review … and nice pictures…

Champions, I believe !

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Thanks for correcting me! I didn’t even notice that :grin:.

@Chiquinho @cshenoy @Element321 @Shivam_Shah @furkist @tugar32 @Isaac_Schloss @ktkundy @Ice1

I guess all of you missed this in the middle of the review… this has been there the whole time…

really discouraging to see people don’t read my whole reviews…

I saw it lol. Didn’t see anyone else starting like that so I didn’t either

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