Anker Bolder LC40

Just ordered my Anker LC40 rechargable :flashlight: on Amazon.
$16.99 ($3 off) . Great Deal! Hope that Anker Bolder moves to USB C on these.
H/M/L + strobe & S.O.S. modes. Fixed Beam - Well Constructed


Good purchase

Excellent torch at a good price!

I got this model since a while.
Great, powerful little torch!


What OP bought is a flashlight :crazy_face:

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In commonwealth countries a flashlight is called torch :+1:


Andrew has to learn a lot! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
What about a “Taschenlampe”!

I think he knows that, just showing his crazy style I guess :wink:

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Thats a solid price for one of them. May have to pick another up for myself.

This :point_up:

@TechMan style sense of humor :rofl:

Good purchase!

Popular torch by many forum users. Haven’t seen too many complaints from any of them.