Anker Bolder LC40 Review

Hey torch fans :flashlight:

You were recently treated with my review of the LC90, remember…
You haven’t seen it? Where have you been?
After reading this review click the link below and take a look!

So what do we have here then?
This is a cheap fixed lens, 400 lumen rechargeable tactical style torch.
But is it any good?

I’ve taken identical shots to the LC90 review so you can compare.
I may even merge the two reviews if I get time.

To be upfront, I’ve copied some text from the LC90 review.
Even though this torch is less than half the power, 400lm is still pretty powerful so there’s some cross over.

Brief Spec,
The box says it all!

Simple packaging in the brands blue and white packaging.

First Impressions,
Nice looking torch, feels good in the hand. No wrist strap attachment.

Setting Up,
Plug into your chosen charger until the red charging LED turns blue and off you go!
This is a sealed unit so you don’t even have to insert the battery!
The micro-USB cover sits nicely in place when properly pushed in.

In Use,
The on/off button has a nice click micro switch feel about it.

It has multiple modes as most “tactical” torches do, High, Medium, Low, Strobe and Emergency.

Repeated presses of the on/off button on the end cap takes you through the different modes. A long press turns the torch off.

The torch turns on in the last mode used.

The light is warm in temperature with a yellow/cream centre, see pics below.

If you have the need for strobe or emergency it looks like these modes function in high mode.

Completely dark room at 5mtr, high mode.


10mtr, high mode.
Nice centre spot with a good spread of light.


A very acceptable amount of light at this distance.

Considering the quoted range of this torch is 100mtr I am really impressed with the amount of light at this range.

Brightness modes,
The photos below are in high, medium and low order.

Light pattern up close,

Battery life,
Well, if Ankers quoted times are anything to go by this will light your way for 6hrs in high/400lm mode.
At time of writing I haven’t tested this, I hope to soon and I’ll issue and update to confirm.
6.5hr quoted charge time using a 5v 1a charger.

Who Would Use This?
Because of the multiple brightness modes this torch will suit almost any user.
I say “almost” because let’s not forget this is a rechargeable torch.
Rechargeable power sources come with obvious limitations over readily available disposable batteries.
But horses for courses, limited run time may not limit some users.
If you could find a suitable way to attach, this would also make a great front bike light.
With the easy plug in/unplug this would make a good for emergency grab and go use.

Multiple brightness modes.
Well balanced.
Extremely good value for money.

No provision to attach a wrist strap.
Belt clip not detachable.
No zoom focus.

This a really capable torch and it’s just £15.
It ticks a whole load of boxes and is hard to beat.
I think you’ll have to go a long way to find another this good and this price.

Want one, even a little bit? Just buy it, you won’t be disappointed.


Great Paul!
I have this torch and its really perfect.
By the way →
I like your Christmas tree! :smile:

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Thanks @Chiquinho
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I know this.
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Awesome review and photos!
Great job!! :ok_hand:


I know this is a thread for Torch review… But you guys are taking the meaning a bit too literally … Torching the tree :joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::fire:

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Big props to @paulstevenewing
You are becoming a great reviewer

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@Daiross @ikari04warrior thanks for your kind words of support :+1:t2:
Glad you enjoyed.


Another stellar review :+1:. Can we get some photos of this in your hand, or some other size comparison photos? Maybe by the LC90?

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Hey @TechMan appreciate that :+1:t2:
I can get a shot in hand which I’ll upload tomorrow for you.
Cant compare with the LC90 as that’s been sent to dad for Christmas. :gift:


Thanks for your nice review :+1:

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Thanks @AnkerOfficial :+1:t2:

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@TechMan here’s some shots for scale.


Another excellent review @paulstevenewing thanks for sharing!

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Hey @ndalby thanks for that, you’re welcome.

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I want this soooo bad!!! great review.

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Hey @Erich_Robinowitz1
Thanks for that, appreciate it :+1:t2:
Pick one up if you can, you will not be disappointed. :flashlight: