Anker Bolder LC40 flashlight

Let there be light!!!

The torch was delivered very quickly (AMAZON)
The wrapping is appropriate, the product is excellent (ANKER)

The package contains the torch (including the 3350 battery) a cable USB -> USB-micro and a instruction sheet

The torch is made of aluminum
Really very tough.

The charging socket (USB micro) is locked watertight.
I think the torch will not be affected by a little downpour.
(according to ANKER IP65 water resistant)

And a little fall will do no harm.
Ergo: Absolutely suitable for outdoor activities.

The torch is equipped with a battery which can be charged by the added cable (USB -> USB micro)
(Indicator : red charging, blue fully charged)
The clip to clamp the torch at a rucksack or a bike is very useful.

The torch has 6 switching modes

ON & OFF (By pressing the button for 2-3 seconds the torch will be switched off and not be switched through the modes)

3 brightness levels (400,120,20 lumen) (corresponding battery power of 6, 20, 50n hours)
1 Flash

A well-thought-out specification indeed.
These modes can be switched logically by the waterproofed button.
This button is mounted in such a way, it is not possible to switch on the torch accidentally when stowed in a rucksack or something like this.

For a long-term outdoor use I recommend taking along a power bank (ANKER :wink: )
So light will NEVER be switched off. :slight_smile:

Very important : dimensions and weight.
The torch weights 122 grams ( 4,3 oz )
The torch has a length of 12,5 cm ( 5" )
The head of the torch has a diameter of 3 cm ( 1,18" )
Really small and very handy. Perfect to plug in the jacket.

Caution: Don’t blind your or other’s eyes with the torch!

Though not inexpensive, this very good, tough torch is worth the price payed for.
It stands out against those many offered low-price products by its high value.

And last not least : ANKER offers an unbeatable customer-friendly service!
Sorry, English is not my mother tongue, so there might be some errors.

Addendum : If it is possible to design such a torch including a power bank inside, this would be very innovative!

As I told before, English is not my mother tongue, so there might be some errors. :wink:


Good review! Add pictures next time :slight_smile:

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You will find fantastic photos at AMAZON.
I’m not a professional photographer.
Mine would be of poor quality.:slight_smile:

Cheers for your review. Lots of detail. Always worth adding a link to the product too :wink:

I think your review is good. I expected a German review when I saw the title. Because you used “Taschenlampe” instead of flashlight. I can totally understand your situation because when I joined this I had the same doubts. Now I’m in America and I hope that y English improved a little bit.