Anker Bolder LC40 Flashlight Review

The product arrived in typical Anker fashion in an environmentally friendly box with further information on the specifications of the flashlight. Upon opening the box, you are welcomed by the torch accompanied by an Anker micro USB charging cable, the torch itself is well built and rugged. This torch is definitely a must for any camper or even as an inspection light when working on your vehicle.

The torch has 5 lighting modes (high, medium, low, strobe, SOS) which allows you to choose what fits your needs best, but also allows you to conserve battery life if needed if you are climbing Snowdon or even walking your dog. The torch doesn’t have any battery indicator, unlike the Anker Powercore, which is a downside but when charging it shows you when it’s fully charged. Anker advises for you to charge the torch when the light becomes dim or does not turn on. However, even with the lack of a battery indicator, it packs some punch.

The inbuilt battery can be recharged within 6 hours for up to the 50 hours of light on the lowest setting, and with Anker’s track record of battery technology I’m sure charge after charge it will leave the competition behind - plus no more AA or D batteries! While charging the torch, it has a charging indicator located by the micro USB port on the rear located under a soft rubber cover to prevent any water getting into the electronics. It will display a soft red/orange light when charging and when at 100% will turn blue letting you know it’s fully charged.

The light from the torch is unreal compared to other competitors, for a small compact torch. It is 12.8cm in length so can be easily stored away in a backpack, in your coat pocket or even on your belt when walking thanks to the belt clip. It has a 400 Lumen Cree LED diode with around a 50,000-hour life span to light up even the darkest of places. The build quality is second to none and is definitely up there with some of the top end torch manufacturers. It is IP-65 water rated allowing you not to worry whatever the condition you may be in. The body of the torch is aluminium and shock resistant, but surprisingly very lightweight.

This torch is a great addition to anyone whatever that may be from walking your dog, climbing mountains, trying to find your keys or for an emergency flashlight. It also has an 18-month worry free warranty and a great customer service team for any questions you may have. I would definitely recommend getting one of these torches!

The Anker LC40 rechargeable flashlight can be currently purchased on Amazon for £14.99* - Anker LC40 Flashlight

*Prices correct at the time of this review

Thank you for reading and any comments on your experience with the Anker flashlight would be appreciated


Wow!! This looks very useful… Great review and love the photos!

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Nice review. Thank you for including pictures. :slight_smile:

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Great review and the pictures clearly show the difference between the beam settings.

Maybe you could edit and and add a link to the item on Amazon :thumbsup:


Great review. I have no experience with the flashlights. Your pictures are also very good because now you can see the difference. Thank you for writing it.

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Good job on the review! And thanks for the comparison photos especially. :thumbsup:

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Looks great! Thanks for the write-up! I’ve been thinking about getting one, after this, I might!

Thank you for your feedback!

The torch can help you have a brightness winter!:smile:

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I got the same torch for testing.
When using it, I detected things in my house which I never thought to be there. :slight_smile:


I completely agree, I couldn’t believe how great it was. It makes you think how good the other pricer models may be!

Done now. Thank you for the comments :slight_smile:

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Great review, how far away from the house would you say you were when you took the pics of the flashlight brightness levels? Flashlights simply amaze me and one of the reasons I have so many. Still don’t have an Anker branded light but I’m gonna have to get some soon.

Great review @Liam_James_McDonald1 this may well be on my next buy list :slight_smile:


@AnkerTechnical will you also create a head torch? Because I would love to have free hands.


Seconded :grin::flashlight:

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Hi Elmo,

It was about 20 meters away from the house so you can see the torch is great. It focuses the light very well!

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Thanks for the response, that’s actually really good in terms of light distribution.