Anker Bolder LC30 Flashlight $8.49 @ Amazon (Expired)

Use Code ANKERLC30 for discount.


Great deal for those who need a flashlight

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Hmmm. I’m. So. Close. To. Buying. :laughing:


Yeah me 2. I’m really torn between this and LC90 :confused:

It all depends on what your main use will be… what will you do with it?

I need LC30’s portability but LC90 performance :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, the lc90 is pretty portable. I don’t know what type of pants you generally wear, but somewhat baggy men’s pants should be able to hold the flashlight. Basically work pants…

Nice deal, but LC90 is a better deal with rechargeable option that LC30

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Good Flashlight Thanks for Share!

Great deal! :clap:

Thanks for sharing!

great deal, thanks !

Great deal. Tempting but I already own 3 different Anker flashlights.