Anker Bolder LC130 LED with 5 Light Modes Deal for $35.99

Anker Bolder LC130 LED with 5 Light Modes Deal for $35.99 with Price drop and 10% off Amazon coupon (regular price $59.99)

Anker Ultra-Bright Tactical Flashlight with 1300 Lumens, Rechargeable(26650 Battery Included), IP67 Water-Resistant, Bolder LC130 LED with 5 Light Modes for Camping, Security, Emergency Use

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If I didn’t have a flashlight on my phone I’ll get me this

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Great price.
Never tried it have you?
I have the LC40 and had the LC90 for a while and always fancied getting this to see how powerful it actually is.

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Great flash light and a great deal !!

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Great torch, small price!


I have the original LC40, its successor, the LC90, and this LC130.

The LC130 does not have a focus beam, it is a broad spread, so it is not brighter in reality for lighting up a specific area, it is best for lighting a broad area.

To that end, I find I use it as an emergency home light, put it on its end and point to ceiling, on its lowest power setting and it then lasts all night.

I use the successor LC40 the most as its pocketable, and goes out for dog walking.


I have the LC 40.
Small and very effective for expeditions at the flea market.
I have to use this very carefully not to blind others. :wink:

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I read the LC130 didn’t have a zoom which quite surprised me.
I like your use of lighting a room is a power outage.

nice touch

nice discount! :ok_hand:

good to know, thanks @professor

thanks for the details @professor :+1: