Anker BOLDER Lantern

@AnkerOfficial should make a BOLDER lantern. Same idea as the flashlights, black metal with grips, but I’d love a lantern version that still charges using Micro USB. Maybe make a 900 lumen and 1300 lumen to make great companions for the 900 lumen and 1300 lumen flashlights.

Who agrees?

I do kind of like the idea of a lantern. Something not needing batteries when power goes out sounds great. Specially if it were dimmable.

say no to micro usb, and im all in for a USB-C charging port. it can even have a larger battery capacity to charge your phone if need be

Not MicroB. USBC everything. If you’re going to use MicroB then why not go fully retro and use a candle instead.

Right now I use a Bolder LC130, lowest brightness and placed on large flat end up to ceiling.

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Couldn’t agree more!

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You can always add 2 caps full of bleach to a water bottle and shine the flashlight into the bottle to create a whole room lantern. Works great when camping and can make a low powered flashlight brighter.

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Interesting idea @Tank. What’s the purpose of adding the bleach?

It causes light diffusion.

Doesn’t make it actually brighter, it makes it appear brighter because a narrow bright beam in a dark environment just causes a blind spot and triggers the daylight response.

Dark adjusted eyes need a fraction of the light so anything which stops the daylight response helps.

The bleach helps difuse the light, but it also stops algae growth. Aside from using a flashlight, many people in rural countries have reverted to putting these into their roofs with half of it sticking out as a way to harness the sun, with the addition of bleach to stop algae growth they are able to mimic a 40 to 60w light bulb.


Otherwise known as a “window”?

Original glass was such low quality it did the same thing.

A lava lamp would be nice

Very clever, thanks @Tank

Not the same thing as a window



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