Anker Bold Re-Chargeable Flashlight

Is there a way to the Micro-USB female connector inside this flashlight? It seems to have slipped a bit inside the flashlight and I cannot get the Micro-USB male to connect and charge the flashlight.

I really like the flashlight, but it seems that it may be permanently sealed and unfixable.

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It’s damaged I guess. I’d buy another.

If you did want to attempt to repair then I’d get a small flat item like a small screwdriver, I’d get a magnifying glass and bright light, and I’d look to push the moved part back. If successful then I’d add small dog of superglue to make it stay put.

If it’s not under warranty anymore I’d try to open it and see if it’s something that can be fixed.
If it’s STILL under warranty, I’d contact support about it

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Difficult surgery.
Because its waterproof, I suppose it can not be opened easily without damaging the case.
But before you give it to the garbage you should try.

I took a look at mine.
There are two kind of holes on the upper side of the socket.
Take a tweezer and try to push it back it the correct possition.
If you take superglue to fix it, be careful not to glue the contacts.