Anker Bluetoots SoundBuds Flow Review

So im using this Headset since a week and they re awesome.

There are so much equipmemt for the headset, a case, clips, ear shells in different types and so on.

When im hearing music ca. 70% volume, the battery lasts 5 hours. The bass is awesome. If you run or walk with them, they wont fall of the ear.

And that quality for such a price. Great #Anker!


nice pics!! :blush:


Short and sweet review, thanks!


Nice and short review, but the battery should have lasted longer than 5 hours. The ones I had lasted almost 8 hours full volume

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maybr because i hear a lot bass music and it needs more power?

I listen to rap all night at work so theres a lot of bass in my music too. Maybe they need to charge more or longer

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i’ll try it :+1: