Anker Bluetooth Speakers on Sale - US

Three of Anker’s Bluetooth speakers are on sale today. We have a lot to get through!

First up, the SoundCore Mini is Anker’s second smallest speaker. It is also Anker’s most flexible speaker. By that, I mean you can play music via not only Bluetooth and with an auxiliary cable, but also with a microSD card or even with the FM radio. Battery life is impressive for its size, with 15 hours of playtime. Anker also claims enhanced bass and a 66-foot Bluetooth range with version 4.0, though in my testing, that is really pushing it a little too far.

Overall, the SoundCore Mini is a great option for anyone looking to play some music in a small room that doesn’t already have a dedicated speaker.

Today, the SoundCore Mini is on sale for just $24 with the code QUM7D9ED. The SoundCore Mini is available in black, gold, gray, and pink.

Next up is the SoundCore 2. This is the successor to what is probably Anker’s most popular Bluetooth speaker. The SoundCore 2 features an astonishing 24 hours of playtime with better bass than the original SoundCore. It also boasts an IPX5 water resistance rating, so a few splashes shouldn’t hurt it. Anker again claims 66 foot range, but this time it is with Bluetooth 4.2.

The SoundCore 2 is a great option for anyone who is frequently on the go.

Today, the SoundCore 2 is available for just $34 on Amazon with the code 6XYGBCPW.

Lastly, we have the SoundCore Sport XL. This is Anker’s best rugged speaker. It features dual 8W drivers with two subwoofers, is rated for water resistance at IP67, and absorbs impact from drops/shock very well. Yet again, Anker claims 66 feet of range via Bluetooth 4.1. Battery life is solid at 15 hours. The Sport XL is also Anker’s cheapest speaker that offers a USB port to charge your devices.

The SoundCore Sport XL is great for the beach, filling up medium sized rooms, or if you know you’re going to be dropping it a lot. :joy:

Right now, the SoundCore Sport XL is only $56… that’s $14 off the regular price! Just use the code QUM7D9ED at checkout!

I compared the SoundCore Boost to the SoundCore Sport XL. You can see that video here!

I must say that I own all three of the speakers on sale today, and they all sound excellent for your size. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with whichever you choose.

Share your experiences with Anker’s speakers! What do you think of any of these three in particular, or are you a big fan of another one of Anker’s speakers?! Let me know below!


Great post Joshua :ok_hand: with some handy differences between the 3 so buyers can choose what works best for them :thumbsup:


Thanks for the info @joshuad11. I too, like that you mentioned the differences between the 3. :slight_smile: I need cables more then speakers at the moment.

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Hopefully the deals come to the UK soon!

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Sorry @AnkerOfficial! I always forget to put it in deals and giveaways!

You’re very good at writing this kind of articles! It’s a great recommendation for the new Anker fans!


The Sport XL is the only model I don’t have out of the three. Bluetooth range is nice. Ordered the Sport XL.

The only one I don’t have is the Mini. I’d rather have a bigger speaker with me, despite the extra weight/size in my bag.

great post @Joshuad11 !!1 :blush:

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Thanks for sharing these deals, @joshuad11!

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For those who want to know,
The lowest I’ve seen the soundcore 2 was $33.59
And the Sport XL $44.99

Not sure if I should grab this deal or wait until the Xmas case combo one to gift my dad.

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very tempting Soundcore Sport XL at that price but I’m waiting on the power draw since its announced on my birthday :wink: :wink:

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Will there be deals for Canada as well?

I own the Sound Core mini and attest that it is a great sounding speaker with lots of features for a great price. Built in tuner, bluetooth, card reader and great bass from such a small speaker.

Awesome review and probably the best bluetooth speaker in the market!

I have the SoundCore Mini, and i like very much, for someone who looks for a little speaker, this is a great choose