Anker Bluetooth Portable Speakers

Hi Anker community…Purchased an Anker bluetooth portable speaker a few years back, maybe 3 years back…was very pleased with the purchase. One day the speaker just stopped working but it was a couple of months outside warranty…bought another brand in the interim and now I just decided to buy another Anker speaker last Tuesday but when it arrived yesterday it’s not the same. I’m trying to find out the model I had originally bought…the significant thing is that the power up bottom was on the side and not the top. When powered up it had quite a bass feel introduction…the older model was significantly wider also…would really appreciate if anyone can help…in my opinion this sound core model I received yesterday just doesn’t compare. Thanks for reading.


Don’t suppose you are able to post some pictures of the now defunct speaker?

If it was two year back the motion +came out in 2019 cause this one has the power button on the side with other buttons on top

As of right now that’s my best guess might update later if I can think of other speakers it might be.

My only other guess would be possibly something from the flare line up. If it had led lights (in a ring around the bottom) then this would most likely be the original flare speaker if it also has a ring of led lights on top then it is the flare 2. The picture below shows the flare mini on the left and the original flare on the right where the mini has the power button on top and the flare original has it on the side. There is also the newer flare 2 in this series which is an updated version of the original flare with a second light ring

Could you tell us exactly about the models?
What you had and what you bought recently?

The model I know with the power bottom on the right side is the motion + .
All others, I remember so far got the bottom on top.

But the location of the bottom is not important at all.
More important : It works and you like it. :grinning:

Enjoy the week and the speaker.

Thanks to those who’ve taken the time to read and respond to my query :slight_smile: unfortunately I’m unable to provide the model number…unsure where I even purchased it…I became aware of Anker as I listened to a review of Bluetooth speakers on YouTube and I was truly blown away … In my eyes there was dearer products but the review was outstanding and I went from there…I tend to buy most of my bits and pieces from Amazon but there is no details on my purchase history so I must have used my ebuyers account. I’ll check that account and see if my purchase history reveals anything … Once I found out the speaker couldn’t be replaced under warranty I binned the speaker :frowning: something I’m obviously regretting now.

I would never have done that.
I would have tried a repair by opening and checking/replacing the batteries.
This often helps.

Hi All,
Somewhat embarrassingly I found out that I made the purchase on ebuyer but the speakers aren’t Anker but a competitor. Feel it’s not really appropriate to mention the brand but I want to say thanks again for your suggestions regardless. The speakers have been discontinued and are no longer available so I’m still on the lookout for a good portable Bluetooth speaker. Keep well, stay safe…Steve.

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Well then starting from square one :wink: a blank canvas if you will…

I would advocate for the flare 2, great sound for a smallish speaker and ability to add more of same to get a great sound experience. I have a few as the local Costco had a 2 pk for $120 one weekend…