Anker Bluetooth Connection

Hi there

I purchased an Anker bluetooth speaker in October 2016 and now, it won’t charge completely. The speaker will work for a few minutes after charging for hours.

Can i change the rechargeable battery, what type to use and how do I access the battery

Does this cover on my Warranty ?

The model I have is Premium Bluetooth Speaker (

Thank you for your help.


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most Anker products come with an 18-month warranty, you are still within that time. Just go to that link, email and initiate a claim. They will probably just ask you for the order number and serial #…


Have you tried using a different cable and power plug to charge the unit? Most charging issues come down to these two items. If it still won’t charge send a message with any troubleshooting steps you have taken. Also supply them with the order number and serial number in order to expedite your warranty claim

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I have emailed them thanks ,

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Let’s hope Anker can get you a replacement item .

I think it will be the cable not working properly.

Follow @elmo41683’s advice and try a different Micro USB Cable/Charger first.