Anker Black Friday Deals Have Begun (?)

Some pretty crazy Anker deals have hit Amazon US recently. Here are the best ones.

New Releases
PowerCore II 6700 - $16
SoundBuds Slim+ - $23
PowerCore II 10000 - $23

PowerPort+ 3 - $21
PowerDrive 3 - $14


So commentary for the less geeky:

  • The Powercore II 6700 is a cosmetically changed version of the Astro E1 6700. The Astro E1 6700 is a significantly different upgrade from the Astro E1 5200. The key change is upgrade to 2A recharge. It is 2A output. What this means is fast output and recharge for a compact device. This matters most to road warriors, backpackers, those wanting small dense light speedier recharge. For most Apple users and most Android (lower end models) this is one to buy.

  • The Soundbuds Slim+ - just buy them, you’ll figure out a use for them.

  • Powercore II 10000 - this is really the sucessor to the Speed 10000. It is really best suited to those with a Quickcharge charger and a QuickCharge phone (Android, Samsung usually). If you do not have a Qualcomm Quickcharge compatible device (e.g. Apple, most Android not Samsung) then pause and wait. The Powercore 10000 is smaller lighter and likely cheaper and way overdue a successor so wait.


Nice input and I agree with you…

For the soundbuds slim +, I would add… just buy them, now*!!! :smile:

thanks. done.

Nicely put. I already have the E1 6700 but now I want the Powercore II 6700. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe Santa will put it in my stocking this year. Oh wait, never mind. I haven’t been that good. :stuck_out_tongue: All joking aside, the Astro E1 6700 has become my favorite everyday carry due to it’s small size. Love love my 6700. Did I mention that I love it? :P:P

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Solid points there @nigelhealy :ok_hand:

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I just got my hands on the SoundBuds Slim+ and if you are thinking about buying a set. Now is the time. This is a great deal. I doubt it will go much lower than that in the future.

History suggests the Slim+ will drop to $20 in a sale but could be months. I doubt a hugely significant discount soon.

Yes, It might drop that low. I bet it will be months from now. Its a new item I don’t think it will go much lower before Christmas. This is priced lower than the older model. So Maybe after they been out for a year or another version is released they may drop below the $20 to clear out the old stock.

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I might get a slim if I don’t win this weeks powerdraw for one!

Complete list

The 26800 with 10W input is pretty good for those not needing USB-PD or Quickcharge.

Did you mean to link this?

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Yes, what’s my error? It is all the week’s Anker offers.

Your link takes me to all the deals on Amazon, not just Anker.

Hmmm not for me!

I just tried it in incognito window and it still works.

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I own the sound buds sport and love them. Anyone have both the sport and slim? What do you like about both?

Interesting the older Speed 10000 is still for sale and higher price than the newer II 10000

You’d think none would buy older model so it’s price would drop

Now $18 so was only a week