Anker Battery Alternating Flashing Lights Pattern

my anchor battery no longer has any reaction upon being charged nor does it do anything when I plug my phone into it and my phone does not receive a charge. All that happens is that the lights alternate in this weird pattern. I could not find what this means, what does this mean? How do I fix it. I also should note that the battery was submerged in water for one second

I’d say you’ve broken it and discard safely.

If you did want to attempt to re-life it, I’d leave it alone for a few days, let water evaporate, give it time to water damage to either finish ruining it or evaporate, then try again later.

As it is water damaged, there is higher risk of fire, so keep it outdoors, away from people, and away from damp, for a few days.

when you say to leave it alone for a few days do you think that I should let it discharge by having the flashlight running?

If water damaged simply leave it alone.

It’s been a few days now already hasn’t it?

If it’s dry then touch it again and see if now working properly.

Keep it outdoors in a cool dry location while you have any doubts it may be water damaged.