Anker Auction Time 😄!

Yooo, how y’all doing? haven’t been on the forum for a while. Since I’m back when’s the Anker auction cuz I have loads of Anker bucks to spend!

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We are overdue for an auction lol

How many bucks do you have exactly…?

I guess we should see an auction soon…

Yes, this is the time. Any idea what will be in Auction?

I didn’t know they even had auctions good to know though

@AnkerOfficial Perhaps it’s feeding time for another auction :grin: Perhaps with one of the new SC products that many have been frenzied over :wink:


@AnkerOfficial can surprise us :wink: we love surprises :blush:


Wow. that is nice. I never have enough to win the auction or even the power draws.

Could have a silent auction where you DM your highest offer - just to mix it up

That would be more of “Tender” bidding… folks with large PBs would possibly lose more without knowing what the max bid was … but worth a try :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Love it. Great idea!

A healthy amount

I said “exactly” :joy:

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What are you expecting in this month’s auction?

Idk tbh something random maybe… but earphones would b great!

A very very healthy amount :shushing_face:

I know @MSTR has been saving for a long time… it must be his turn this time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I hope it is life Q20 and I could win it :grin:

I dont wish that upon you, if it was something better sure. But not the Q20

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Then Space NC or Vortex… Though it may be a bit on higher side for Anker to put it on Auction…

What would your recommendation be for the auction :blush: