Anker Auction House 2 | Give Me Liberty or Give Me Bucks!

Hi, ladies and gentlefans!

It’s your Anker auctioneer here once again with a new item on the block. I may not be able to talk this fast, but I can offer you something a lot more fun than a cow!

TODAY’S AUCTION: SoundCore Liberty Lite

Nestled inside their high-capacity charging case are our Soundcore Liberty Lite truly-wireless earbuds! With a 12-hour total playtime, push-and-go instantaneous pairing, and IPX5 water resistance, you’ll be experiencing the true meaning of Liberty.

We’ll start today’s bidding at 10 PowerBucks. Audiophiles and workout fans, get ready to reach for those PowerBucks. Good luck!

The Rules:

  1. Bidding starts at 10 PowerBucks.
  2. Users may participate by offering increasingly higher bids in increments of 10 (20, 30, 40, and so on).
  3. The highest bidder at the end of the auction will win.
  4. If the highest bidder at the end of the auction does not have the required balance of PowerBucks, the prize will go to the next-highest bidder.
  5. The PowerBucks required for the prize will be withdrawn from the winner’s account within 3 business days of the winning announcement being made.
  6. Each user may make an unlimited number of bids.
  7. This auction event ends on October 15th, 2018 at 12:00am, PDT. The winner will be announced on the 16th.
  8. Open to residents in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany only.
  9. Anker reserves the right of final explanation.

Anker Auction House | WINNER

@Macgyver15 has won the auction, and will be bringing home Soundcore Liberty Lite for 680 PowerBucks!

Although @Jesse_Hernandez1 was the last bidder before 12:00am PDT, he wasn’t able to offer a higher bidding price than Macgyver15.

Congratulations to @Macgyver15!

It’s been great to see the response to this event. We’ll continue to have monthly auctions, and will be optimizing the rules next time according to your feedback. If you have suggestions for what you’d like to see in the next round, feel free to drop them in the comments.

Power On!


I’ll start at 10 powerbucks :smiley:


Another country has made it to the list…good news for our Canadian friends like @tiagomota :ok_hand:


Il go 20 powerbucks :muscle:t2:

@AnkerOfficial feel free to end auction early and take the bucks from my account :tongue:


Yay! :grin:

I bid 30 PowerBucks.

40 Bucks :sunglasses:

50 bucks :grin:

60 Bucks :blush:

70 Bucks

Wonder who is gonna wait til the last few seconds to submit a bid? :thinking:

(Will have to work out what 12:00am PDT is for GMT)

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@k_pug2003 according to Google it’s 7am our time don’t quote me on that though lol

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80 bucks is what I have

I bet 124 bucks

@ant.ortega72323 you have to bid in 10 buck increments against others for your bid to count such as 80, 90, 100 etc

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Just google “12:00am PDT in [your city]” :wink: It’s 3am in Montreal on a Monday, so I don’t think I’ll be up to bid last-minute.

looks like 124 is highest, but I like nice neat numbers so ill go 140.

@Monk3e the current bid is 80 bucks (at the time of writing) from @Hermes_Alvarez as @ant.ortega72323 bid doesn’t count as it’s not in increments of 10 bucks.

Guess I’ll throw in my bucks here too so 90 here we go

I don’t know if it’s possible, but an automatic bidding system would be nice. Right on top of the thread, a big box saying “The current bid is XX PowerBucks” maybe including an “placed by user. Then, a large button bellow it saying “Click here to bid [XX+10] PowerBucks”.

The thread itself would be for comments. Not only it would make the work easier on moderator’s and administrator’s side, it would also solve the people-not-reading-the-rules-and-bidding-whatever-they-feel-like problem.


@Monk3e was the highest.

I’ll speed up the process and bid 500 Anker Bucks :slight_smile: