Anker Atom PD1 on a Macbook Pro = 27.9w

Just thought I’d share this meter with you all. Someone borrowed my atom PD for their macbook pro so I metered it.

No trouble at all with compatibility!


I got similar results using a different power meter and a 13-inch MacBook Pro. Saw ~27.6W power draw.

30W isn’t ideal for a MacBook Pro. 45-60W is better for the 13-inch, and 60-90W for the 15-inch. But in a pinch it’ll keep a larger USB-C laptop up and running for longer. And charges decently if the laptop is asleep.


This kept the machine running and increased battery life. It wasn’t ideal, but in the user only had 10% when plugging in and left with 15% about 20 mins later. Obviously this is slow compared to what the stock charger would deliver, but it worked in a pinch.

I think this is important to know for macbook users - don’t expect the exact same charging speeds from these smaller chargers yet.

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