Anker at Costco

Not too long ago, it was mentioned how cool it would be if Anker was available at Costco. Well, guess what? It has!!! Check it out. Hopefully, this is just the beginning. :blush: I love seeing Anker products at my local stores.


:grin: That’s pretty cool. I’ll see if my Costco has any stuff.

Believe it was @Shenoy that wanted products in Costco…

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If it is Costco does that mean you can buy in bulk?

Haha. Costco isn’t really for buying bulk. It’s just that they tend to sell food in larger quantities…

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I still think the mental image is pretty funny.

*buys 2,000 cables*


So that’s the guy I read about in my math book…except last time he had 43 melons.

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Hopefully Sam’s Club does the same. Now that I remember, I gotta renew my membership

I meant Nebula Projectors or Eufy Robovac… But it is a good start nevertheless!!

It is sad to say that WV does not have one. :(, Cosco that is.

Great news, Need to see if Canadian Costco stores carry any…

This is great news… I’m typically at Costco every week/other week and having the convenience of buying Anker products is a big plus for me.
I’ve been meaning to get my hands on the PowerPort PD Nano anyway.

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great news hopefully more stuff will come but space is premium at costco though so only time will tell if it sells.

One step at a time. :wink:

We practically live there. LOL. But yes, it is rather exciting.

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Now that you mentioned this, I see that they do have an Anker product (Soundcore Life 2) on their online catalog as well.

Hopefully more and more to follow suit.

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Think Asda UK is run by Costco. I could be wrong though

Asda is run by Walmart :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Was close :joy::joy::joy:

Was at local Costco this morning … did not see any Anker Products… may be it’s a limited release at few stores.

Have a good chunk of rewards and hope to use on Anker Products… may be Rave :+1:t2:

You better wait for your auction item to arrive so you are not buying the same item again :wink: