Anker Astro E7 26800mah has died!

Well its sad to say I may have to say good by to my astro e7. ive had it for over a year and even then i bought it second hand and had alot of daily use. but today instead of charging my phone whilst i as using it, my battery was still draining.i unplugged it plugged it back in and still the same. so i stop using my phone and went and had a shower. 20 minutes later having left my phone on charge whilst i was in the shower i checked on my phone and it only went up 1% in 20 minutes.
Up until then it has been a good reliable powerbank and served me well.

but the question now is what shall i replace it with?


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I’ll say what any community member will say: The replacement will depend on what use you have of the Powerbank. If you need help because you’re confused with the shear amount of products, give us a brief explanation of what products you charge and what options you are looking at currently.

I’ll also add, I’m not the smartest when it comes to Powerbanks :sweat_smile:


Same. I almost got fired from the community for not knowing my charging supplies :joy:jk

I agree, we need more information. If you just need an average sized powerbank, with standard USB than the powercore 13000 is a great powerbank.

If you need something special (large capacity, USB-C etc.) let us know, and we can give some suggestions :wink:


Mostly for use in the house for charging phones torches and a Bluetooth speaker.

I think the powercore 13000 would work for you, assuming you don’t need USB-C :ok_hand:

i dont need usb c i have toyed with the idea of a 20100mah. i like the large capacity because i can charge it over night and it will last a hole week charging my phone and other gadgets. saves on electric bill to.

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I’m not the greatest at powerbank knowledge but I know enough to keep my tech toys and my friends/family tech toys charged using portable power.

I agree with the others we need more info to help you select the right one.

Good luck on the next powerbank you choose

Yep, get something with large capacity and a bunch of usb A outlets. This one is my favorite:

Because it has dual input for charging, meaning the time to charge the battery is significantly lower than others. I’ve had this one for 3 years and itls still in great shape, even though it travels with my kids’ stuff :astonished:

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I have got the powercore 26800 with the dual input which i usually keep in the car. but i cant decide whether to get another powerbank for the ease of have it on the coffee table and not having cables every where or get a desktop charger with 5 ports and have that mounted on the coffee table with a couple of long charging leads? :confused:

This is what I do in my living room. I wouldn’t go any other way.

I love this one:

But if you aren’t so concerned about fast charging, go for this one, only $18:

And there’s a good pre owned one with PD if you are into that:

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