Anker Anker PowerCore+ 26800 with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 possible problem?

Hi Folks,

I purchased this battery with included charger and began charging the battery. Initially, three of the LEDs were lit. Five hours later the same three LEDs are lit and there is no outward indication that the battery is charging up any further.

Am I not understanding the function of the indicator lights or is there a possible problem with the battery or the charger?

Thank in advance!

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Hi @jkeifer3 , if you have not got a full set of lights (or charge essentially) after 12hrs, I would try using a different wall charger and cable to eliminate if the issue is with the source of powering or the actual PowerCore itself. If the same result occurs with a different set of cables and wall charger it would indicate a fault with the PowerCore drawing charge (or just a faulty LED wheel), therefore you could either report to or if purchased recently from Amazon, request a return/replacement via them.

Sometimes my 20k PowerCore 2 does that, I usually unplug it and press the button to see where the charge is. Doing that usually shows either a fully charged unit or that it needs some more charge at which point I plug it back in and the lights blink on and off all the way around and continues to charge until full