Anker and Thanksgiving promo?

Let’s go this discussion going, i hope all our voice can be heard.

What should be the discount or promotion during the Thanksgiving?

I’m personally hoping for a few things. 1) the Anker power strip - didn’t realize how much I would appreciate it till I got it

  1. anything and everything USB-C

Not Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Cyber Monday, hopefully (keep your fingers crossed, and continue to post about it so that Anker will have a greater chance of taking note and making what there consumers want happen)!

Thanksgiving means sharing … sharing means better deals! So here’s what I propose … starting the week of Thanksgiving, you share a link to your friends. The more people CLICK your link, the more points you get that week. If you share with X friends and they click it which unleashes products at one time only deals, after X clicks YOU get a $1, $5, $10 off promo code at random, certain amounts of Anker-ites (that’s us) get so many of these coupons to use towards certain products. The 5 or 10 highest most clicked linked Anker-ites get either a code at a higher discount toward some product, or even a code for a free something something. And in that week they could run a special where, each day is a sweet deal toward a certain product, something we won’t want to miss. Gets people visiting Anker daily in that week and would enhance profit for sure. Of course, I know nothing about how any of that marketing nonsense works … :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am hoping for some awesome deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I have no doubt Anker will have a few deals up their sleeves.

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50 % OFF EVERYTHING!! Would be a busy day for all packers and shippers… as will be anyways

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That is a great idea. Would the people need to sign up in order to count as their link clicked?

I say yes. That way it’d be tracked, ya know? In this day and age it’s too easy to spoof IP addresses and just ruin the whole point of getting actual people to see the site! But if there’s a way to track clicks through Facebook then, we could leave it as is. What do you think? Not that we’re in charge or anything! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I would hope so as well.

Something so we can gobble up the savings.