Anker and Google Fast Pair for Android

Hello @AnkerOfficial and the community,

I just read an article here :

Stating that Google is releasing a new feature to ease the bluetooth pairing.

Brands like Anker, who are interested in enrolling in this program can do so by going here :
[EDIT : Unable to copy/paste the Google Forms link. It’s available in the article pasted above]

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to pair all Anker products that work over bluetooth using this technology?

Source : Android Developers Blog: Announcing Fast Pair - effortless Bluetooth pairing for Android


That is awesome. One thing I really like about the AirPods is the pairing mechanism…it is buttery smooth sometimes.

Hopefully Android can catch up in that respect.

Sweet, my phone can get it!

Seems like a useful feature and it would be great if Anker would team up with Google they are two of my favorite companies.

@AnkerOfficial Y’all need to participate in this! You guys are good at keeping up with the latest standards and this will quickly become one.

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I was just reading about this and it’s starting to roll out to non pixel devices that have Google Play Services (11.7) installed

I have Google Play Services Beta, but no compatible BT devices ^^
Let’s hope Anker gets on board.