Anker Amazon Warehouse Deals

These deals go FAST, likely because there is only one available of each.

If I come across any more deals I think are great, I’ll post them here.

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The link shows that it’s actually going for $41.99?

Sold out fast

What a shame. I’ve been curious about solar chargers. I remember buying one of those brick solar chargers that you clip to your backpack, while on a road trip from Utah. That darn thing stopped working while we drove from Utah to Nevada. Fastest $29 that was spent and gone. Unfortunately, nothing I could do but throw it out. Apparently what happened was the battery started expanding, which lifted the case apart a bit. Never looked at another solar charger again. But seeing some reviews on the Anker solar chargers got me thinking about it. LOL. Oh well, maybe somewhere down the line I’ll try one.

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