Anker Aluminium USB C to HDMI Adapter not working on Macbook Pro 2017

Hello together,

I bought the Anker Aluminium USB C to HDMI Adapter at Amazon ( to connect my MacBook Pro 2017 to an external HDMI Display.
The external display(s) will not be recognized!

I tried two different displays with different HDMI cables. Also I tried to reboot and different connections at the Mac - nothing.

Please help!!

Sound likes a possibly defective adapter. You could try changing the screen resolution of your Macbook to see if it gives the external display a kick into action but failing that I would suggest you drop an email to with your serial, purchase date and troubleshooting steps taken for assistance under your 18 month warranty.

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Thank you for your response.
Changing the resolution did not lead to success.

I will fix it by Amazon.

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Unfortunately all new MacBooks (usb c) don’t work well with third party adaptors.
I think it’s an apple side problem, I never had problems with Anker stuff, but with my new MacBook 15 with touch bar it’s a very annoying thing.

I tried a lot of adaptors and Hub but no ones work well.