Anker All-in-one not fully charging

Hi, I just bought my wife the Anker All-in-one alarm clock and for some reason, the wireless charger only charges the phone to 80%. I thought it might just be her phone so I tested mine as well with the same results. They are Samsung Galaxy 8 edges and have no problems charging on other wireless chargers. Do you have any idea what might be causing this?



Believe you are talking about the Anker Soundcore Wakey… do these phones have any kind of case?

Can power cycle (turn off and on) wakey and try to charge your phones again and check if it makes any difference?

Try turning the phones off and back on. Maybe even unplugging and plugging the wireless charger. Try a different outlet as well

Yes, it is a Wakey. I have a very thin case on mine and hers is a Otterbox, and we get the same results.

Try charging the phones with case removed
Power cycle the Wakey ( Off and On)

Also contact with the issue.

The galaxy s8 edge has been known to throttle back and limit charging to around 80%. If you do a google search for your phone model not charging past 80%, you will see a bunch of others who had the same issue and it’s generally due to software updates and heat or expansion of the battery due to heat.