Anker Alkaline AA Batteries 24-Count Pack

Anker Alkaline 24-Count AA Batteries

Though I was not planning on getting these Anker Alkaline batteries, since I anyway needed to buy some for home, and after reading some of highlights in the community - decided to buy these. Bought Anker AA 24-Pack batteries from Amazon during a deal for $8.47 with 47% off coupon, with regular price being $15.99.

This is simple review, more of layman terms, understandable by anyone looking for AA / Double AA batteries for devices such as Remotes, Clocks, Toys.


The batteries came in signature Anker Packaging in White-Blue composure with 24 Anker Batteries paired in small packs of 2 each, Happy Card with Anker support details (been included since almost the first Anker products.

The best part from observation of un-boxing is the packs of 2 batteries, so that we open the packs only when needed, rather than opening the entire stack / seal of batteries… makes it easier to store stack the batteries in the Anker box in which it came or battery stash at home.


Anker Alkaline AA 24-count batteries are priced at $15.99 on Amazon (with 47% discount available as of writing this review). I bought these for the discounted price at $8.50, with the discount, this is good deal.
In market, however there are other brands sold at wholesale such as Duracell AA Alkaline 40-count batteries at $16.99, Kirkland AA Alkaline 72-count batteries at $19.99. However considering the features implemented in Anker Batteries, it is worth investing in Anker Brand. Now that I got the 24-count pack, will not be going for more batteries for at least next 9 to 12 months.


The main killer feature highlighted on Anker AA / AAA batteries is the 10-year shelf life, meaning Anker Alkaline batteries can sit on the shelf for up to 10 years without losing their power. In the past, I have bought these disposable battery packs and since these were not used for more than a year of so, have seen some leak, die out soon.
Only way to test the 10 year shelf life, is to keep these batteries (will make sure to keep at least 1) for 10 years, I will write a follow-up review in 10 years from now :wink:

The other 2 features I was interested are Adaptive Power & PowerLock

Anker has built Adaptive Power, into these Alkaline batteries delivering only the power that the device requires, received positive / satisfactory response from Anker on my query how these worked, which prompted me to go for these batteries (you can read here),

PowerLock is the other feature which prevents any leaks and secures power inside the battery case.
Other listed features can be found here


For now have used the batteries for my home clocks (3 clocks with 1 battery each), Roku 2XS Bluetooth remote (2 count), since these are considered as low-drain devices, these should drain little power and should last longer.

Have also put 2 of these into Logitech Harmony Remote (replaced the rechargeable batteries with Anker AA batteries) since this remote is heavily used. I usually recharge the Logitech remote once in 15 days, so should be able to find out how long Anker AA batteries last.

Will post updates in this space.

Expectation, Final Lines

Coming from Anker brand known for great powerbanks and leader in charging technology (wired / wireless), I had expected Rechargeable batteries, however there are small steps to be taken before bigger ones, hopefully Anker comes up with rechargeable AA / AAA batteries with options of recharging via Micro-USB, USB-C,… (or Wireless charging… Anker can always surprise us :slight_smile: )

I strongly suggest buying these Anker AA batteries from Amazon for the discount deals going on for AA (47% discount coupon) / AAA (50% discount coupon) batteries


Link to purchase (Anker)

Link to purchase


Anker AA batteries which I had used in Logitech Harmony Remote (replaced the rechargeable batteries with Anker AA batteries) lasted for 26 days (Jul18 to Aug 12) … Almost a month. This is best performance I have seen so far for Non-rechargeable batteries for this remote, used extensively across multiple rooms.


Next update will be for the 10 year shelf life, keep watching this space :wink: :+1:


Nice pics and review. I ordered mine a couple of days ago. Should be here Friday for the AA and next week for the AAAs since they were out of stock.

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Nice review, thanks for sharing. I want to get some myself, but haven’t yet.

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Great review and detailed photos!

And the discount continues! I’ll be creating my review next week. I accidentally got two packs of AAA batteries. So I ordered a set of AA last night that’ll come next Tuesday. lol. Looking forward to powering up some devices!

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Nice review! I bought the AA and AAA on sale as well. I haven’t used them yet! But looking forward too. Especially after @kumar.sachin 's review!

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Nice review :clap: @Shenoy, don’t forget that followup review, I will come and check in 10 years :wink:

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But but what about my review? I didnt insipre you enough?

Darn, guess I’ll have to work on that.

Its nice to see the discount on these after i had stocked up on the 48 pack of each. I may get more just to keep a supply of them, but seeing as the last time I brought just a 24 pack it lasted 2 years, I may be good for a while.


I meant more on the testing! I really liked yours too @Tank

Your pictures were great and the battery tear down scared me a bit!


Yea battery teardowns are scary, if I had gloves I would have done a complete teardown. But I know everyone would have cringed and told me how unsafe it was so I didnt go any further than I did


Great review :+1: needs time I need some batteries I’ll probably give these a go

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I have a set of the AAA and I’ve got them in a few things to test.
Definitely love the packaging. 3 rows 8 of plastic wrapped help you avoid having loose batteries everywhere.

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I’ll hold you to it. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I totally agree and thought they were re-chargeable when it was announced. But I’m glad to hear that they are coming out with re-chargeable batteries. I’ve switched over to re-chargeable batteries once I got into photography. And plus both my husband and I are gadget geeks so we were hoarding batteries like starving squirrels. :stuck_out_tongue: We were going thru too many. We switched over to Eneloops and have been very happy with them. But they tend to be a bit pricey. I am very curious as to how much the Anker ones will be. It’s about time to replace some of my batteries.

Excellent review and pics. :slight_smile:

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Excellent in-depth review! Do each pair of batteries really need to be shrink wrapped in unnecessary plastic though? The Duracell pack of 18, I’ve been using for the past year just come in a cardboard box and not a bit of plastic in sight.


WOW! didn’t noticed they were wrapped in pairs my first time around.
I really liked how my AAA came wrapped in 8s