Anker AK-A3102011 - stop pairing sound


I like my Anker AK-A3102011 very much.

But: This sound that is played when it does the pairing is very much annoying. Is there a way to stop this bling-sound?


Hello Franz-Josef.
as far I know, there is no possibility to switch-off the pairing sound.

I own a speaker (another company) were a nice voice is announcing.
“Ready to pair” :grin:
and when ready, “she” tells me:

I like this and would miss it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

best regards


Unfortunately there is no way to turn off the pairing sound, same goes for the turning on and off sound. As @fhassm mentioned he had a speaker that speaks, I too have similar and wish all speakers and headphones did the same instead of the little music note

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And this voice is really lovely!
I like it so much!
This would be a good idea for ANKER instead of “bling bling” :heart_eyes:

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