Anker Action Camera?!

who thinks anker should make an action camera? i would definately get one if they did!

feature wise what would everyone want? 4K? WIFI?


Yes :+1:that would be a great idea

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Like a GoPro? I love that idea. The only problem is that a lot of action camera companies are losing money, such as GoPro, and maybe Anker should stick to providing batteries so it is a stable business.

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sadly that is true, maybe in the future!:wink:

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Gotta be honest, I wouldn’t care. GoPro is already so established. This is sort of the same for me as if Anker made a smartphone. If they spent years getting established and it was legitimately better than GoPro, I’d give it a shot, but I wouldn’t just jump for it because it’s Anker.

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to be honest i would choose anker if they had a decent price for the camera as gopros are very expensive for what they are!

ABSOLUTELY!!! @AnkerOfficial

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