Anker AA and AAA batteries shelf life issues?

I bought 24-pack AA and 24-pack AAA alkaline batteries in July 2019. I finally got around to opening them a few months ago, and half of the AAA pack is completely dead while the AA batteries don’t last very long. I have a touchless trash can (auto open/close via sensor) that takes 4 AA batteries. I had been using ACDelco brand batteries (super cheap and lasts as long or longer than Duracell/Energizer), and they typically gave me 4-6 months of use. I used Anker AAs in March, and I had to replace them at the end of April. I put in another set of Anker AAs then, and I had to replace them again yesterday.

Anker advertised these as having 10 year shelf life. “10-Year Shelf Life: Buying batteries in bulk never made more sense. Anker Alkaline batteries work flawlessly for up to 10 years after they are first purchased.” I’m having some doubts.

Anyone else having issues? In case anyone’s wondering, batteries were kept in a drawer inside the house. Dry and temperature between 68 and 78 at all times.


Hey @onstar
It’s a shame the batteries aernt meeting your expectation.
I think these figures need to be taken with a pinch of salt.
Plus also a “shelf life” is the amount of time a battery will hold its charge unused. Not a full charge, just a charge.
So Anker batteries may well hold some charge for 10 years, but not a usable/acceptable amount.
Maybe they lose a lot in the first few years, as in your case, but retain that small amount of charge for longer?
Also, and something I never used to belive, but some Alkaline batteries seem more suited to some devices than others.

I use Energizer Industrial and buy from Amazon when they are on offer.
Haven’t tested ultimate “shelf life” as normally buy a years supply at a time.

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Have never tried ANKER’s batteries.
I buy those at the supermarket when these are offered at low prices.
Dont mind the trademark.

Because I dont store these for years,
I never care about the life of these.

What we could store in those days is beer, flour, noodles and tomato cans. :rofl:
1 box of Franziskaner Weißbier is now 10.99 (EDEKA) Great offer!

Basement is full!
Prost, Paul!


When they first came out I purchased several boxes because they were priced a lot lower than the no name brands at the big box stores. I finally finished off the cases. It’s been several years and I notice that several of the batteries didn’t hold it’s charge very long. But for the most part, they did as good as the name brand ones I normally get.

Would I buy them again? Only if they are cheaper than I can get batteries at the store.

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How would they know it was 10 years? It would involve that technology being used 10+ years ago.

If it were 10 years, why wasn’t the warranty 10 years?

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I have both the AA and AAA anker batteries and they have held up quite well for me. Yes they hold a charge and are still working, in fact the anker batteries last about a week in my Oculus Quest 2 controller where as Duracell and Energizer batteries barely lasted 3 days. So by that standard they have exceeded my expectations, and yes I am using my Oculus daily. The only batteries that have lasted longer are the energizer lithoum%

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When they advertise it as “work flawlessly for up to 10 years” I think this is very misleading. I think there’s a technical reason why Anker stopped making these alkalines, because they don’t keep up with others.

Perhaps these do well for heavy duty usage (like @Tank’s Oculus experience), but I don’t think these hold up well in low power uses like TV remotes.

BTW, I have another 48-pack Anker AAAs that I found in the back of the drawer. These were purchased in June 2020. I’ll let you know if these are any good.


I did never suppose this was a real ANKER product.
Only labeled by ANKER.

Indeed drawers often keep unknown secrets.
I took a look today in one of these in my DIY workshop in the basement
I was surprised to find things there I never expected to have stored there. :laughing:
We all have too many things around, often useless. :grin:

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