Anker A8132011 Cable Charging Problem

Purchased the Anker A8132011 cable to charge mobile fast but few days it worked fine and now It is not fast charging. Sometime mobile shows quick charge sign but sometime it not shows. Mobile name is Samsung galaxy A30. Its not charging fast.

@BlizardRay Do you have the same charging behaviour with a different wall adapter?

Yes same prob also at other mobile phone.
I think it may be fake Anker cable thats why its not charging fast. My cousin purchased it from online store. Can you verify that online store is offering genuine anker products. I can tell you the website of that store also.

Cable issue appears the probable issue here. You can prove it reasonably fast if you have a USB meter, measure the voltage each end of the cable, if the difference is more than about 0.5V then the cable is likely a dud.

Sometimes it’s coincidence in that the port at each end has debris that accumulated around same time as cable swapped so if it’s hard to swap the cable then look for debris inside the phone port or charger port, a new cable may be less worn ends than the predecessor so not go fully in due to debris. This issue is more common with phones as get debris from pockets.

Where did you get the cable from?

My cousin purchased it to charge his smartphone from online website
He was not using this cable as he switched to apple iphone and he sent that cable to me.

Suggest edit to name them but not link to them so none accidentally buy from them?

How you can say that

Not an official seller that I’m aware of, perhaps reach out to with the serial number of the cable (normally a tab sticker-on the cable) and they will be able to confirm if the cable is genuine.

Maybe the cable was a fake

Yes may be

ok I will check