Anker A7851 mouse not working properly after Windows update - can I get a new driver?

Can anyone help? On Jan 19 or Jan 20 2020 I noticed that the cursor no longer moved smoothly across the screen when I moved my Anker vertical mouse (A7851),but was ‘jumpy’. I suspect the problem relates to a Windows update as I noticed, at the same time, that my screen was no longer functioning normally and my keyboard also seems a bit ‘laggy’.

I can’t find a driver for the A7851 mouse on the official website, there’s just a document about compliance issues.

Any ideas would be welcomed.

Hi @Richard_Dyter and welcome to the community! I would suggest installing the latest BT driver for your PC/Laptop from the actual manufacturer’s website…often the generic one bundled with Windows 10 updates causes more troubles than it fixes.

Thanks for reply.
So I’m looking for the latest driver for my wired mouse from the Anker website. I’m not sure how to get this driver?

My bad, thought you were referring to one of the BT line which often get mentioned post Windows 10 updates…the mouse is essentially a standard mouse, so does not require a specialist driver from the Anker site.

You mentioned your keyboard has lag, wired also, sounds like the USB drivers for your systemboard? How do the update numbers look against the latest ones from the manufacturers website?

Hmm. Not sure how to check this I’m afraid.
What I have done is to go to Device Manager, uninstalled the current driver for mouse, then restarted. Windows must have searched for the latest mouse driver as I’m able to use the mouse again after the restart - but the same problem is still there.
I’ll be happy to provide more details if you could point me in the direction of where to find the information that’d be useful?

No worries, what make and model is your PC/Laptop? If you go into system information, it will give you the detailed system and baseboard information…

I have a Dell Inspiron 27 7775.
I’ve checked on their website under ‘Drivers and Downloads’ and , after a scan to ‘analyze your system to find the latest updates’, I got a message that:
No driver updates found. Your system has the most recent updates

What do you think should be the next step?

Does the mouse work with another laptop/computer?
Have you used another USB-socket?
You should exclude all physical issues first.

If the cursor seems laggy or jumpy, it could be caused by wireless interference from nearby Wifi and Bluetooth devices.

What I find works best with wireless mice is to get a USB 2.0 extension cable and try to locate the receiver dongle as close to the mouse as possible (I tape it underneath my desk about where the mousepad is).

USB 2.0 has less wireless interference than USB 3.0. Here is an example of the extension cable I’m referring to:

Many thanks to everyone for your suggestions, I seem to have found a fix for mouse lag.
In case it helps anyone else…
I believe the issue was caused by an update by AMD Radeon on 19 January 2020 (not a Windows update as I’d initially thought) which affected my display. Following a post on, I opened my AMD Radeon settings, went to the display tab, went to the ‘override’ button, and disabled HDCP Support. Then did a restart.

So far it seems to be working and the mouse is not lagging.

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Glad to hear you seem to have solved the issue :slightly_smiling_face: